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The deliberate state of mind, being, and actions exemplified through demonstration of focus, tenacity, determination, and the drive toward a specific goal or purpose. With intense focus, the mind is centered in a zone of commitment toward the purposed assignment in life.

Greatness is not by happenstance, Greatness is INTENTIONAL.

It is in the Intentional Zone, like minds with a common purpose connect. We welcome you to explore our website and identify the area or areas, that align with your intention toward fulfilling the purpose assigned to you.


Real estate investors operate in multiple categories. Real estate investing involves purchase, rental, Flipping, and wholesaling of property.

Real estate development is also, a category of real estate investment. READ MORE
Home Owners

Homeowner is self-defined. They are the person(s) who own the home, through a mortgage loan, cash, or paid mortgage. They are the individual(s) listed on the deed of record. Homeowners can become unintentional real estate investor.