Homeowner is self-defined. They are the person(s) who own the home, through a mortgage loan, cash, or paid mortgage. They are the individual(s) listed on the deed of record. Homeowners can become unintentional real-estate investor. Their household size may have changed due to job, death, divorce, or many other reason. The homeowner is not ready to sell the home, they rent their home for an additional income.

Once homeowners fall far behind on mortgage payments, the lender will take action for possession of a mortgaged property. Are you experiencing the strain and frustration of trying to keep your home out of foreclosure? In despair because credit is damaged, and money is depleted? We offer resources to you that can repair your credit free of charge to you, provide financial assistance for your restructure, and help you keep your home from foreclosure.

As a homeowner, you are already positioned to be an investor! Perhaps you have been contemplating on renting your home for a while now. The fear of responsibility and risk of damages to your home, have kept you from moving forward.
We have the perfect resource for your home rental. Allow us to rent your home. We provide basic property management, which include maintenance. Best of all, we are ready to negotiate a purchase price when YOU are ready to sell. Click on the For Rent button below to tell us a little about your home and how we can gain your business as a homeowner renter.